Stone House Readers Series

Stone House Readers’ Series

My wonderful alma mater Stonecoast, USM, runs a student-led bi-weekly reading series called the Stone House Readers’ Series, livestreamed to audiences on Facebook and YouTube. This neat initiative provides faculty, current, and former students, and friends of Stonecoast with a platform to read and share their work. Here I am, in the prodigious company of Morgan Talty and Jenzo DuQue, reading three of my latest flash pieces that have been published or are forthcoming across various publications.

I’m not one of the writers who necessarily loves reading aloud. The sound of my own voice is a little cringeworthy to me (a large part of that comes from living in a country where every time I open my mouth, I get a comment on my accent). It’s not a bad thing, it just makes me more reserved than I probably should be about talking, and reading, aloud. But as a writer, and aspiring author. I need to get really, really good at reading my stuff. The call to read for the Stone House Readers’ Series was a golden opportunity that I’m so glad I took.

Massive thanks to Troy Myers and Amanda Pleau for organizing, and to Morgan and Jenzo for their powerful readings. It really was a great night, and I’m delighted that I threw myself to the wolves (and didn’t get eaten alive).

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