My Interview with Oyster River Pages

My Interview with Oyster River Pages

I’m usually the one doing the interviewing, so it was lovely to be the one being interviewed for Real Writer purposes for Oyster River Pages in their latest contributor showcase, where my short story, Fish Out of Water, was selected under their Emerging Voices in Fiction category.

Honestly, I did this interview about a year ago, so I’d forgotten the answers I’d given! It was reassuring to see that they still resonated today, post-MFA graduation, and with the pandemic still raging. I discuss why hope is “a requirement, especially as a writer” and how the pandemic has changed my relationship to writing.

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Oyster River Pages (ORP) is a literary journal that publishes voices that speak to what it means to be alive in this world. ORP embraces the reality that the personal has become the political and actively seeks to publish those who bring balance and diversity to historical institutions of power.

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